Dance for Change raised $15,665 for Mary’s Place! We danced, we partied, we auctioned, and most important—we helped bring hope to the lives of women, children, and families experiencing homelessness.

This dance party has been Agents of Change’s labor of love for the past half year. Our wonderful Agents contributed so much time and talent to plan and organize this event, and we’re thrilled how well it turned out. All told, after expenses, we were able to give $13,365 to Mary’s Place.

The Swedish Club was a perfect venue, and Local DJ duo Amateur Hour kept the night fun and upbeat. A series of more and more dire flight delays almost prevented them from coming, but they managed to make it just in time with a frantic drive straight from SeaTac, and we’re so glad they did! Incredible music selection and energy!

Everyone had a great time dancing, including some surreptitious members of Kate Wallich’s Dance Church who got people into the spirit and helped everyone feel comfortable. We saw people dancing who we’d never imagined dancing before—and they looked incredible! It’s amazing what good company and a good cause can do to loosen you up.

The vacation rental auction was a smashing success, too. More than $5,000 came in just through the auction! Our six winners will get to relax in Maui, Kauai, Florida, Walla Walla, the central Cascades, and West Seattle. Thanks so much to Johnine Larsen, Sarah Rudinoff, Melinda Partin and Kelly McLain, Larisa Didis and Sarah Littlefield, and Tom Yetman for donating these stays!

These donations will help Mary’s Place continue changing lives throughout Seattle. Life without stable housing is far too prevalent in our city, but Mary’s Place is making a difference. They help women, children, and families transition out of homelessness, and they do it by empowering and uplifting. Mary’s Place is a space where all are welcomed, respected, accepted, and loved for who they are.

In 2018, Mary’s Place provided 359,800 meals and 179,000 safe, warm beds over the course of the year. They served 1,308 children by reducing trauma, providing age-appropriate programming, and giving lots of love, and they provided employment services to 1,460 people by helping with resumes, cover letters, interview skills, and computer access to fill out job applications. More than 200 women visited Mary’s Place’s day center each day for meals, showers, dry clothing, hygiene items, resources, and a supportive community. And, most relevant to our own line of real estate work—Mary’s Place helped a phenomenal 604 families move into stable housing last year.

The $15,665 we raised for Mary’s Place will help them keep doing this loving, valuable service in 2019. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event happen, and thank you to everyone who participated! Your donations will change lives.

If you missed it, or if this night left you pining for a nightclub for forty-somethings that lets you still go to bed at a reasonable hour, mark your calendars for February 29, 2020! We already booked the Swedish Club for the leap year. Join us February 29, 2020 for Leap for Change!