image4Mary’s Place found permanent housing for 110(!) families in 2015. We know how good it feels to hand someone a new set of keys, and that feeling magnifies a hundred times when those keys take a family out of homelessness and into a stable home.

In 2016, Mary’s Place will continue helping families out of homeless. This year, they have a goal to make sure each one of those families receives their new keys on a special keychain that will remind them of the love and support they experienced at Mary’s Place. These keychains are custom designed, reversible, and made from genuine leather. They come in three colors (black, red, and gold), and each fob includes one of the Mary’s Place charms: a house and a heart. Each keychain costs $37 (tax included).



To donate one of these special keychains to a Mary’s Place family, contact Kara Murphy at or order some here (make sure to ship it to Mary’s Place: 1830 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101).


You can also buy Mary’s Place keychains for yourself. You can order those here. 25% of these sales go directly to Mary’s Place.

We’re excited about this brand-new Mary’s Place fundraiser. Each keychain celebrates a move out of homelessness and into permanent housing, and each one is a constant reminder of the difference Mary’s Place made in these families’ lives.