Mary’s Place sent us a very kind thank-you note for this year’s Clothing Drive and Fundraiser—and since we couldn’t have done it without all the wonderful people who donated money and clothes, we wanted to share that thank-you note with all of you!


Dear Johnine and The Agents of Change,

You are the real gift of comfort and joy this holiday season! The joy you have brought by making the boys and young men of our families feel so loved and well-dresssed!

Thank you for sacrificing so much to love us! The gift of your handsome shirts and pants meant endless hours fundraising, shopping, and transporting them so that our families could get the perfect fit of clothing this Holiday! You are heaven sent!

The feeling of new jeans that fit well, a crisp dress shirt to show off to friends, or a cozy shirt to snuggle up in – these are all things that you gave to our children this Holiday! Your ability to provide what our parents can only wish for is an incredible gift of relief and hope. 

Please know the gift of this clothing lives long past the holiday season, they are reminder that our boys are loved and wanted all year long!

You all are our very own angels. You love us regardless of our address, income, struggles and past and only see good things for our future. There is no greater gift to us!

We love you so much and hope the love you share so freely with us be returned to you in 2018!

 Warm hugs! Much Love!

Your Mary’s Place Family