Last Saturday, Agents of Change donned footie pajamas, ate delicious desserts, and played round after round of Bingo—all for a fantastic cause. We were supporting Mary’s Place’s second annual Bingo for Beds fundraiser, and the evening was a blast.

A sold-out crowd came to Mary’s Place for the event, and we spent the evening laughing and talking and shouting “Bingo!” Mary’s Place held a live auction, too, with items like a spa package, a wine tour package, and a Seahawks package. And we can’t forget the desserts—desserts to die for! Local bakeries and restaurants provided the perfect food for the evening. Short story: a very fun night with LOTS of action. You can see Mary’s Place’s photos from the night here!

Agents of Change represented ourselves well. Lisa Pim, Linda Wright, Mallory Victor and her partner, and Johnine Larsen, her sister, and her niece all made it out. And while everyone else wore slacks, blouses, and dresses, we rocked good ol’ footie pajamas. You could spot us all the way across the room!

The best part? The fundraiser worked. It was sold-out event, and we sold about $1,100 in extra Bingo cards alone. When you add ticket sales and auction proceeds to the equation, all told, the night raised $20,406. Mary’s Place will use that money to bring more families off the streets, into beds, and on their way to permanent housing.

If you’re ever looking for a fundraiser to support, remember Bingo for Beds. Fundraisers don’t get better than this!