Kyle Moss

Lead Real Estate Advisor

Kyle Moss is a the Lead Real Estate Advisor at based in Seattle, Washington. Kyle was born and raised in Washington State and has deep roots in our local community.

After three years as a Broker with Redfin and ~150 successful transactions just in the last three years, Kyle has decided to become an independent broker. This allows him more time for personal interactions with clients and philanthropy.

As a veteran Real Estate Broker in Seattle, Kyle has mastered the perfect combination of strategy, connections, and chutzpah to make sure he’s adding the most value to the process for all of his clients.

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In addition to his generosity as an Agent of Change, Kyle supports with time and resources: Casa Latina SeattlePacific Science Center (you can find his name at the Boeing IMAX Theater!), Doctors Without Borders, Planned Parenthood, and Dance Church Seattle/Kate Wallich 501(c)3.

Why are you an Agent of Change?

I reached a point in my real estate career in which I realized that I did not feel capable of selling another home in Seattle without taking massive action to ease the suffering of my currently displaced neighbors. A close family friend was experiencing homelessness as of last year in this city, and assisting them through different channels for help and support was extremely frustrating turning up a lot of dead ends. I’ve found that Mary’s Place is doing some of the best, most pointed work in our city, and I knew that I needed to do whatever I could to be a part of this organization.


All of us work with homes on a day-to-day basis. Why is having a home so important?

I grew up in the home my Dad built. I spent the first eighteen years of my life in this home and established this intense sense of security, place, and purpose.  When my Dad died as I turned eighteen, it was one of the most disjointing experiences in my life.  I felt so lost while watching my childhood home go up for sale and change hands. It was in this moment that I moved to Seattle for the first time to rent a small studio apartment in what was then a very affordable Capitol Hill neighborhood. Turning that small 500 sq ft, cinder block, motel conversion apartment into home took months, but I was finally able to feel comfortable and grounded again. After moving out of state for a few years and buying my first home at 24, I knew that helping others find a home and establish grounding, safety, and security was what I wanted to do in life.


“I knew that helping others find a home and establish grounding, safety, and security was what I wanted to do in life.”


What impresses you most about Mary’s Place?

Mary’s Place cuts the fat.  They get straight to the most pressing issues that our neighbors in transition are experiencing.  I wanted to find an organization that I knew was accountable for every dollar and put all resources to work to creatively support those in need. I am excited at the direct action approach here and I want to invest my time and resources into an organization that is taking very pointed, measurable, accountable action.


What inspires you to help those less fortunate?

I came from very humble beginnings, and I have struggled in my past as a young person to establish myself.  My friends and family groups span a wide range of socioeconomic demographics. Because of the experiences I’ve had and the empathy that has built in me, I truly believe that all humans deserve the opportunity to thrive. This opportunity should be granted regardless of where you were born or under what income bracket. Basic needs should be met for all, especially in a country as wealthy as ours. Our system is such that individuals are truly responsible for one another, and there are few programs available to truly help folks with a hand up—it is usually humans helping humans. I want to do what I can!

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