Kristen Meyer


Sweet Living

Team Leader and Listing Specialist

Bronze Level


Joined: 2016

“I like houses,” Kristen Meyer will tell you. “I like how complicated the market dynamics are, and I like being able to help our clients make empowered decisions with the expertise we have on our team. It feels good to help people navigate this complicated landscape.”

Kristen Meyer has worked as a real estate agent since 2004. She started her own boutique real estate team, Sweet Living, in 2013. Her team of four prides themselves on their expert advocacy, their diligence in creatively marketing unique properties to get them sold, and their dedication to their clients’ experience. Together, Kristen, Jacquelyn, Scotty, and Erika have made Sweet Living one of the highest-producing teams in their Keller Williams office.

Away from work, Kristen spends time with her husband and her daughter.

“We’re big music fans,” she will tell you. “I’ve recently started taking guitar lessons—I’ve never played the guitar with purpose before. We’re usually listening to music, playing music, going to see music.”

And just like with real estate, Kristen knows her stuff. She spent eight years working at Sub Pop, the legendary Seattle independent record label, and she still enjoys finding new artists on KEXP. Her current favorites: The Shins, Crooked Fingers, and The National.

Why are you an Agent of Change?

“I love the idea of agents who are at different companies coming together. Real estate can be a very polarizing, competitive industry, so for like-minded professionals to band together for a good cause, with Johnine at the helm—I’m excited.”


All of us work with homes on a day-to-day basis. Why is having a home so important?

“When your home base is disrupted, you don’t have that core place to be your true north—it can really impact all areas of your life. Sometimes when things are difficult and you’re facing a lot of challenges, a secure, warm home is an instrumental part of the healing process. In our work, we see people go through the stress of moving. Usually the people we’re working with are in a transition point in their lives—someone may have died, or there could be a divorce happening, there are babies and marriages—and we get to work with them at these really pivotal points in their lives, because these things all affect their home situation. We’re lucky to help people buy and sell homes, but I feel like it’s our responsibility to do what we can to help people who are not in that position.”


I’m excited to support Mary’s Place, and to also see how else we can help the community. I think there’s a lot of different creative ways to use our talents and skills as real estate professionals. I’m ready to get into it and get involved.


What inspires you to help those less fortunate?

“I feel like we have a responsibility to take care of our fellow humans with whatever gifts we have. I’ve been blessed in my life, and whatever gifts I have, I feel like I should share by helping other people.

“That’s how it starts—but in my experience, when I’ve done any kind of volunteer work or helped someone, I get so much more back. It starts as, ‘I’m going to help these people who need it,’ but I realize a lot of time, they’ve helped me more. I needed their help, and I didn’t even know it.”


Are you involved in other philanthropic or volunteer work?

“I’m a supporter of Seattle Children’s Hospital, usually through the SMooCH Benefit, which is ‘Seattle Musicians for Seattle Children’s Hospital.’ It’s a music event to benefit uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s.

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