Our Mission

We are a philanthropic real estate guild dedicated to helping the unhoused. We have united under the banner of Agents of Change, working together to support Mary’s Place, a Seattle shelter empowering homeless women, children, and families to reclaim their lives.

Who are we?

We are Realtors. We are lenders. We are escrow agents and contractors and title reps and builders. Each one of us has dedicated his or her career to helping hundreds of people find a home in the Seattle area. Now it’s time to help those who need it most.

You can identify an Agent of Change by their logo:

Why are we Agents of Change?

Because home matters.

Each one of us knows the importance of home. Home is a refuge. Home is a place to relax, feel comfortable, and be yourself. Home is place of love and safety. Everyone needs a home, in some form or another, and that need is a natural one. It crosses lines of race and gender and age and income, and it’s the reason all of us Agents of Change have jobs.

But some people don’t have a home.

Some people cannot afford a $600,000 dream house, or even a $700/month apartment. Some people, because of illness or mental health or a number of other factors, cannot find any home. They are the homeless, and their lives are hard. They live in a constant state of trauma, continually exposed to weather and danger and public disdain.

Imagine youself back in sixth grade, with all the confusion of puberty and the bullying of middle school. You can’t tell anyone where you live, because they all have houses. You can’t do your homework, because you can’t afford paper and pencils, and even if you could afford them, finding food and a place to sleep matters more than a few math problems. 

Or imagine yourself in downtown Seattle. It’s midnight. It’s raining. Your baby needs her diaper changed, and the only place you can find is a patch of dirty sidewalk beneath a back alley’s cement stairs.

Once someone finds herself homeless, it’s very difficult to climb back up. So we want to help. We want to give them a safe place to change that baby’s diaper, and we want to give them fresh baby clothes and baby wipes, too. We want to give that fifth grader paper and pencils and a place to study, and we want to give him regular meals, and clothes that the other kids won’t laugh at. We want to give homes to Seattle’s homeless. We want to give them a chance.

Why Mary's Place?
Mary’s Place is more than a homeless shelter. Mary’s Place is a community. Mary’s Place provides homeless women, children, and families healthy meals and a place to sleep, makes sure kids get to school, helps women find employment, and gives people back their sense of self-worth. It’s a place where some can get access to medical care, AA/NA meetings, and support programs for domestic violence. It’s a place where families can find clean, warm clothes and essential hygiene items.

Mary’s Place is a temporary home filled with hope and encouragement, helping women and children find permanent homes of their own.











Photo credit: Marilyn Schneker

What does Agents of Change do?

Each one of us commits to giving Mary’s Place a certain amount of money every year. We also organize fundraisers and other events to benefit Mary’s Place.

How can I hear more about Agents of Change?

We’ll post updates and news about upcoming events here on our website. 

To receive news about Mary’s Agents of Change, or simply to show your support for giving homes to the homeless, like us on Facebook or Twitter.

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